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TCM Lactation Breast Massage therapy uses hand techniques to improve and regulate the flow of Chi and blood throughout the channels. When Chi moving smoothly through a series of channels beneath the skin improves and alleviate the blocked chi and blood and milk in the breast, thereby reducing engorgement and inflammation and respond well when breast feeding.

TCM lactation disorders fall into two distinct categories:

1. Low milk supply: A diagnosis of insufficient energy (called Chi) and blood supply in the mother.

2. Milk not flowing or problems with let-down are diagnosed as stagnation of energy (chi) preventing milk from flowing down the ducts and out of the nipple, causing mastitis in the later stage.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Energy (chi) is required to convert her blood into milk, and blood itself is required to become the milk.  As blood loss during delivery can result in a low supply of the mother’s blood resulting in poor milk supply. Exhaustion, worrying or stress can affect sleep deprivation thus prevent the mother’s body from producing milk because there is not enough energy to generate the milk. These emotions cause stagnation of the energy of the liver energy channel. In TCM the liver channel controls the woman’s nipple function and also can facilitate or block the flow of energy and by extension milk in the surrounding energy channels and ducts in the breast. (Mastitis is a combination of stagnation of chi, blood and milk in combination with infection)

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