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New mothers will have massages before and after birth for the baby. Massage, one of the most valuable benefits both physically and emotionally as the stress of pregnancy of hormonal changes and weight gain that a new mother has to adjust to can be quite tremendous. An example of this is the increase of blood volume and flow in the woman. The mother starts to see a decrease of blood flow, while the anticoagulants increases. A  good postnatal massage can also increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, getting rid of the toxins.

After delivery, hours of attention and night feeding of the newborn baby will tire a mother. A good massage can help reverse the ageing signs to complement the overall mental and physical recovery of your body.


Massage therapists will also assist mothers in successful lactation (for breastfeeding), relief and prevent engorgement and loosen ducts of the breast flow so that baby can suckle better for mothers who intend to do full breast feeding their babies. Massage can also firm up the stomach muscles through tummy binder with herbs and reduce water retention. Postnatal massage can improve and provide a effective relief from headache, constipation, and pain in muscles and joints.

The jamu massage is usually recognized by a full-body massage, (avoiding the breasts if you’re breastfeeding) follow by the binding, known as bengkung perut, which is a piece of cloth or a girdle. In the jamu massage, your stomach is bound fairly tightly after the massage in order to help it regain its original shape Aside from the binding, therapist will also use Jamu herbs, oils and mixtures unique to the region. Ingredients such as lemongrass and falxseed oil.

During  jamu massage some mummy observing significant results after even the first session. It’s fairly common for a woman to lose about 5kg, or shed about 3 inches, after completing a series of massages . The sessions should be done daily. Traditionally, women would go for massages for 30-40 days, but this is not usually done these days. Most people now opt for a 7-10 or more days package depending on the complexity or ever more idea slimming result.

If you’ve had a natural delivery, you can start after 5-7 days.

If you’ve had a C-Section, it is best to start after 21 to 30 days.

Additional Benefits of Postnatal Massage are:

  • Expel winds, and help your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy position

  • Stroking massage may help tone and tighten tummy and lighten stretch marks

  • Destress, and body release endorphins - natural pain killers and feel good   hormones secreted by the brain

  • Release of oxytocin, which better breast milk flow reflex and easy in breastfeeding

  •  Increased sense of calmness

  • Reduce postnatal water retention and back pain

*Massage is also a excellent tress buster and mood elevator for postpartum depression mummy able to rest and relax better.

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