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During pregnancy, your body will store up fats to supply part of the energy required after birth and to fulfill your own body’s need. At the same time, it is preparing to produce the breast milk that your baby will need. Likewise, mummies of newborns need to ensure that they regain health and strength to care for their new born child. So, while you may be in a hurry to lose weight quickly thinking that this will regain health, we advise that this should not be the case. You should allow time for both your body and mind to heal and gradually regain your strength and health with a balanced diet and exercise programme.

Continue the good habits of your pregnancy. If you are breastfeeding, then it is even more important to continue this good habit. To restore your health and keep your baby growing strong, get quality protein from fish, poultry, and red meat as well as dairy and bean products. Also include cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as foods rich in calcium and iron in your diet. Finally, your diet should have adequate fiber and a good balance of meat and vegetables. During breast feeding, your appetite will increase and you will need more calories to meet the demand of breastfeeding.

Here are some commonly used remedies and ingredients that promotes lactation and improve post-natal health.


Old Ginger helps to dispel wind and cold in one’s body, Black Vinegar purifies the blood, Sesame Oil promotes blood circulation.



Rice Wine, DOM, XO Cognac are excellent for improving blood circulation, each have their unique taste and herbal properties. As most of the alcohol evaporated during boiling, you need not worry consuming it.

Chinese Herbs

Red Dates nourishes the blood, calms the mind, Wolf Berry is sweet and widely used as bloodtonifer. Chinese Yam (Huai Shan) is available in fresh and dried forms. It tonifies the Qi and Yin in the body. Danggui commonly used as “woman’s medicine” it regulates blood and energy and it can be taken moderately. Dangshen is commonly used to replace ginseng and have similar properties. Adding this in your favourite chicken soup to build immunity and promotes the production of body fluid. Malt taken in small doses does induce lactation while too much will inhibit lactation.



Chicken is known to benefit Qi and blood and increase lactation, Black Chicken has properties similar to chicken and is popular among Asian for post-natal as it is said to be better at improving blood circulation. Pork Trotters are full of natural collagen and strengthen your back and joints.


Hot, bitter, cold or greasy food. Also avoid cigarettes, alcohol and consumption of strong tea as well as these will inhabit proper post-natal recovery.

Food to be avoided are:

Our Confinement Food Service

Confinement Nannies will prepare authentic Malaysian-Cantonese confinement cuisine such as fermented red wine chicken, vinegar pork trotter, black fungus chicken wine mee sua, Turmeric chicken, double boil black bean oxtail herbal soup etc. These are traditional Cantonese Confinement Food specially taken by mother during this recuperating confinement period for mothers who want to improve their health and at the same time improve their appetite to meet the demands of nutritious breastfeeding. Our aim is to provide a joyous and peaceful post-natal recovery at your doorstep.

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