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Maternal health is the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Postnatal care issues include recovery from childbirth, concerns about newborn care, nutrition, breastfeeding, and family planning. Everyone mother and newborn needs is different, and though people often share the same kinds of problems, the solution is rarely the same.  

Gladys Care 1987 work together as a team; therapist and Mummy to find the most effective personal route to resolution for individual.

Confinement Nanny “Pei Yue’ (陪月), or Nanny who is generally a lady helper who can aid during the:

  1. Prenatal period - Mummy's pregnancy week

  2. Postnatal period - Mummies who just delivered

  3. Babysitter - Mummy back to workforce period

  • Prenatal Confinement Nanny is needed when mummy 1st trimester was diagnosed with low placenta or spot of bleeding. Confinement nanny is engage to prepare healthy diet and nutritious food and soup so that mummy gets strengthen and placenta moves up when baby grow bigger. 

  • Postnatal Confinement Nanny, the transition process from a single woman to a mother is not easy. This may be considered a trying time for new mothers.body goes through enormous changes (hormonal and physical) and you will feel completely drained and even sore. The uterus gradually shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy size, the volume of blood return to normal, the hormone levels in the body changes, and may lead to postnatal blues and hair loss. The aim of confinement care is to nurse the mother body back to health and baby care support after birth.

  • Babysitter / Nanny - Parents and maternal mother preparing to return back to workforce will need a babysitters care for their baby confinement.  Babysitter or Nanny can be arranged either full time at nanny house or at employer house. Their main tasks are watching and supervise the baby, playing with them and putting them to bed, also cooking soft pureed food for them when turning 6 to 8 months old the teething period.  A good nanny will be someone who is willing to care and commit in a child's development and well-being, . invest responsibility to create daily schedules and routine and engage in activities to ensure healthy mental, physical and emotional growth in the children with full-time while both parents at work with peace of mind. We have Babysitter or nanny that can be arranged as live in or live out personal care for your baby at your residence.   Alternative mummy can also sent baby to nanny house daily before they goes to work and fetch baby after office hours.

Duties of a Confinement Nanny 

Cooking for mummy, making tonic after 12 days, and preparing herbal baths Bathing baby daily. Assist mummy when breast feeding baby (once breastfeeding is well-established, you can express breast milk for nanny to take over one or more night feeds). Caring and attending to the baby so that the new mother can rest. Laundry for mother and baby. Maintaining the cleanliness of kitchen and utensils, simple and light household chores. Doing marketing needs when necessary.

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